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Put access to the digital services and solutions you require right at your fingertips with YINN – the world’s first one-stop-shop for e-commerce, content streaming, and more.


There’s a smarter way to buy and sell online . . .

Powered by advanced AI and an innovative,

proprietary pricing model, YINN brings fairness, trust, and transparency to online sales in a way that helps creators and customers alike.


YINN’s innovative PWIW (Pay What it’s Worth) pricing model uses AI to identify fair prices so that both sides can benefit from every online transaction.



The YINN platform runs on advanced technology, but you don’t need to be a tech whiz to take advantage of the amazing, easy-to-use features and capabilities.


Safe & Secure

Trust is key to any business relationship. That’s why we built a safe, secure ecosystem that focuses on cooperation rather than competition.


How YINN Works

YINN leverages a combination of AI, customer feedback, and cooperation to facilitate a sustainable pricing model for creators to sell online goods and services at a viable price. Creatives like authors, comedians, artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians and independent manufacturers get access to valuable consumer data related to the services they offer.

The platform encourages users to share information regarding time investment and material costs to find the most equitable selling point. In addition to our flagship product - an equitable e-commerce marketplace - we have leveraged the underlying technology to provide fair pricing in other areas.

Curated Marketplace

YINN helps talented creators and artists sell digital and physical products online using the innovative PWIW pricing model.

From handmade scented candles to stylish phone cases, shopping online has never been easier.

Content Streaming

Looking for an equitable way to buy, sell, and consume streaming media online?

You’ve come to the right place. YINN has recently brought transparent and trustworthy PWIW pricing to the online streaming of music, movies, and games, as well as digital advertising.

Financial Services

A rise in online transactions has led to a rise in alternative financial services and payment options across the globe.

With the YINN coin, YINN provides a stable virtual currency backed by the USD. YINN members can also take advantage of a unique, in-house crowdfunding platform.

Residency Swap

YINN’s Creation Residency Swap helps artists and creators arrange trusted, transparent housing swaps that make traveling the world more accessible and affordable.

Find inspiration in a new city or country today!